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Win a FREE Recording Studio Session at LimeHouse London

Another year has gone by and the X-factor song was again usurped by another Christmas number one  with ‘Wherever You Are’ by the Military Wives.

Although the Simon Cowell music sausage machine is still churning out a number of good artists from the Xfactor platform like ‘Olly Murs’ and ‘Rebecca Ferguson’, there is little place for longevity for contestants with no musicality.  The audience is becoming more savvy, and expects not just a polished act but a desire to write there own music and lyrics.

With the predominant use of digital recording software on PC’s, iPads it’s becoming a lot easier to write and produce your own music from the confines of your bedroom, but you still need the final recording quality if you want to send your demo USB stick to Universal.

RecordingStudioLondon are continuing their generosity to all music fans and offering a few recording session day in their Limehouse studios in London. It’s got to be the best deal for wanne-be music artists, so start strumming that Facebook like button and hopefully you’ll hit the right note and win a full days recording.

To enter, just hit the recordingstudiolondon facebook like button. Meanwhile get your demi-semi quavers in order and start writing…

Good luck for 2012.

Incidentally, my favourite song at the moment has got to be ‘short change hero’ by the ‘Heavy’ and from this year is ‘ Lana Del Rey’ and ‘Video Games’




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What are the Burning Skies about?

  Burning skies are from the  UK they have been inspirational to the rock music industry!  Drawing influences from many different genres of heavy music. The group was created in mid  2002, however the lineup was not fully completed until Dec `02. The picture below shows the last line up of the band. At first the group only [...]

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  Our Team have voted that ‘Murder By Means Of Existence’ is their best album! This what a review on http://www.cduniverse.com  said about the album: ”Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more musical terms containing the word “core” — as in hardcore, grindcore, rapcore, and metalcore — yet another “core” term has been gaining [...]

Who is in the Burning Skies?

Who are Burning Skies? Merv – Vocals Liam – Guitars/Vocals Ben – Guitars/Vocals Andie – Bass Stu – Drums

When’s the next Gig?

June 11th – Final show. Details to follow.

Pics of Burning Skies at their latest gig!

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